What should I do if an MBBS student abroad has not passed FMGE or MCI?

If an MBBS student abroad has not passed FMGE or MCI, there are a few options available to them:

  • Reappear for the FMGE/MCI exam – Students can attempt the FMGE/MCI exam as many times as they want. However, they must wait at least 6 months between attempts.
  • Pursue a postgraduate degree in medicine abroad – Some countries, such as the UK, USA, and Canada, exempt Indian medical graduates from their licensing exams if they have completed a postgraduate degree in medicine from an accredited institution in that country.
  • Pursue a career in a related field – Students with an MBBS degree from abroad can also pursue careers in related fields such as medical research, public health, or medical journalism.

It is important to note that the FMGE/MCI exam is a challenging exam, and even students with good grades from accredited medical schools abroad may not pass it on the first attempt. However, with hard work and perseverance, most students are able to pass the exam and achieve their goal of becoming a doctor.

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