how much INR spent in studying for ab mbbs in georgia per year

How much INR is spent in studying for an MBBS in Georgia per year?

The cost of studying MBBS in Georgia in INR per year varies depending on the university and the city. However, in general, the tuition fees for MBBS in Georgia range from 3.5 to 5 lakhs per year. In addition to the tuition fees, students also need to budget for living expenses such as accommodation, food, transportation expense etc. The living expenses in Georgia are relatively affordable, and students can expect to spend around 11-17 thousand INR per month.

Therefore, the total cost of studying MBBS in Georgia per year, including tuition fees and living expenses, ranges from 20 to 21 lakhs INR.

Here is a breakdown of the estimated cost of studying MBBS in Georgia per year in INR:

  • Tuition fees: 3.5 to 5 lakhs
  • Living expenses: 11-17 thousand per month
  • Total cost: 15 to 20 lakhs

Please note that these are just estimates, if you know more about Georgia, please contact on – 7701882533

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