If someone did MBBS from Russia and after that passed USMLE and complete residency from USA. Is it necessary for them to pass Next and complete their internship in India to practice here in India?

If a student passed USMLE, so there is no need to attempt NExT exam in India. NExT and USMLE is the exam to test students eligibility to practice as a Doctor. Therefore, someone who did MBBS from Russia, passed USMLE, and completed residency from USA is eligible to practice medicine in India without having to pass NEXT or complete an internship in India.

The FMG must have passed the USMLE or any other equivalent medical licensing exam. The FMG must have completed a residency program in the USA or any other country that is recognized by the NMC. If an FMG meets all of these criteria, they are eligible to apply for a permanent registration certificate from the NMC. This certificate will allow them to practice medicine in India without having to take any additional exams or complete any additional internships.

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