Which state has the lowest cutoff for the NEET for an MBBS?


The NEET rollercoaster – we’ve all been there (or are about to be!). This year, you’re aiming to land that coveted MBBS seat, but those cut-offs can be daunting. Fear not, future doctors! This post explores states with potentially lower NEET cut-offs for the 2024 session, giving you an edge in the game.

Why Lower Cutoffs Matter?

Securing a government MBBS seat through NEET is fiercely competitive. States with lower cut-offs generally have more seats available or a smaller pool of applicants, increasing your chances of landing a seat with a good score.

Here’s the Catch:

Cut-offs fluctuate every year based on factors like:

  • Number of Test Takers: More applicants mean a potentially higher cut-off.
    Difficulty of the Exam: An easier exam might see a higher cut-off due to better scores overall.
  • Number of MBBS Seats: More seats translate to a potentially lower cut-off.

States to Watch (Based on Past Trends):

Disclaimer: Remember, these are based on past trends and not guaranteed for 2024.

  • Goa: Consistently known for having a lower cut-off compared to other states.
  • Andhra Pradesh & Telangana: These South Indian states might have lower cut-offs due to increased competition in other regions.
  • Rajasthan & Bihar: These states often have a larger pool of applicants, but the sheer number of government MBBS seats can sometimes lead to a lower cut-off.

Beyond the State:

While state cut-offs are important, consider these factors too:

  • All India Quota (AIQ) Seats: 15% of government MBBS seats are allocated through AIQ, offering a wider pool of colleges.
  • Reservation Categories: Reserved categories like SC/ST/OBC might have lower cut-offs compared to the general category.


  • Focus on Scoring High: Acing the NEET is crucial, regardless of the state.
  • Research & Strategize: Deep-dive into specific colleges and their cut-offs for the past few years.
  • Counseling is Key: Seek guidance from experienced counselors to understand your options.


Finding a state with a lower cut-off can be a strategic move, but remember, a strong NEET score is paramount. Research, strategize, and stay focused – you’ve got this future doctor!

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