Which country is best for an MBBS, Kyrgyzstan or Ukraine?

Before the war, there was no doubt that Ukraine was popular for MBBS, but the war changed lots of things. Students and their parents are now afraid to send back their children. The war in Ukraine is still ongoing, and the situation is very fluid. There is no clear end in sight to the war, and it is likely to continue for some time. Many students already transfer to Kyrgyzstan.

The country offers affordable tuition fees and good quality of education, MCI/NMC, and WHO-approved medical universities. There is a university that is very popular in nowadays, and that is International Medical University.

This university is located in the Capital Bishkek and also offers a 5 years course for transfer students. The degree will be valid in India, which means after clearing NExT exam students can practice in India.

If you are looking for the most affordable option and safe environment, Kyrgyzstan is a good choice.

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