What is the difference between MBBS in India and MBBS in Philippines?

The Philippines was one of the popular destination for MBBS but after the NMC guidelines changed the duration of the course, students were not interested as as they were before. Now students interested in Russia, Georgia, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, etc. because these countries are fulfill NMC guidelines properly.

Differences between MBBS in India and MBBS in the Philippines are :

  • The MBBS course in India is a 5-year program, while the MBBS course in the Philippines is a 4-year program. However, the Philippines MBBS program also includes a 1-year internship.
  • The MBBS fees in India are much higher than the MBBS fees in the Philippines. The average MBBS tuition fee in India is around INR 30-40 lakhs, while the average MBBS tuition fee in the Philippines is around INR 15-20 lakhs.
  • The MBBS curriculum in India is more theoretical, while the MBBS curriculum in the Philippines is more practical. This is because the Philippine medical schools follow the American education system, which emphasizes hands-on learning.

I hope this information is helpful.

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