How’s Germany for medical studies and after that career opportunities after +2?

Germany is a great place to study Medicine. The country has a rich traditional of medical education. univrsities are consistently ranked among the best in the world. Germany is one of the popular destination of aboard studies. The German madical education sytem is rigorous and demanding, but it is also offers students with a comprehensive and well high education. Universities are approved bt WHO & NMC, so you can come back to India for practice.

Here are some points which you have ti keep in your mind :-

  • In 12th, you have to score 70% above.
  • Before taking admission in Germany, you must have knowledge of German Language at C1 level.
  • Some universities provide full Scholarship, so research that before applying.
  • There are Paid Internship.
  • Georgia has high employement rate. You can get easily job there at high salary.

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