How do I practice in India if I did an MBBS and an MS from abroad?

To practice in India after completing MBBS from abroad, you need to follow these steps :-

  • Qualify NExT exam :- National Exit Test (NExT) is a screening test for students who wants to practice medicine in India. It is mandatory exam which they will have clear.
  • Register with National Medical Commission (NMC) :- The NMC is the regulatory body for medical education and practice in India. Once you have qualified for the NExT, you can apply for registration with the NMC.
  • 1 year Internship in India :- The internship is a compulsory requirement for all medical graduates who want to practice medicine in India. Students have to do Internship at a recognized hospital in India.
  • Obtain a practice Licence :- you will have Licence to practice medicine from the state medical council in the state where you want to practice. The state medical council is the regulatory body for medical practice in each state.

Once you have completed all of these steps, you will be eligible to practice medicine in India.

If you are interested in practicing medicine in India after completing an MBBS and MS from abroad, I recommend that you start planning and preparing early for the NExT exam. The process can be challenging, but it is definitely possible to achieve your goal.

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