cheapest MBBS

Where is the cheapest MBBS in the world?

Cheapest MBBS

Affordable or Cheapest MBBS degrees tend to be most affordable in Eastern Europe and Central Asia. Kyrgyzstan is a popular destination for Indian students seeking a low-cost MBBS education. The total tuition fee for the entire 6 years course at some medical universities in Kyrgyzstan can be around 17 lacs, which is significantly cheaper than private medical colleges in India.

Here are some of the cheapest countries to study MBBS abroad:

  • Russia
  • Uzbekistan
  • China
  • Kazakhstan
  • Georgia

Beyond the Price Tag: Important Considerations

While cost is a major factor, remember, there’s more to consider when choosing your MBBS abroad:

  • Recognition: Make sure the university’s degree is recognized by the medical council in your home country. This ensures you can practice medicine upon successful completion of any additional qualifying exams.
  • Quality of Education: Research the university’s reputation, faculty credentials, and clinical facilities to ensure you receive a top-notch medical education.
  • Language of Instruction: Is the program offered in English, or will you need to learn the local language? Factor in language proficiency requirements and any additional language training you might need.
  • Living Costs: Accommodation, food, and transportation expenses can vary depending on the location. Research average living costs to estimate your overall budget.
  • Eligibility Requirements: Each university has its own admission criteria. Ensure you meet the academic requirements and any entrance exams needed.

What are some of the cheapest countries to study MBBS?

Several countries offer affordable MBBS programs, including Russia, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan and Georgia.

What is the ballpark cost for the cheapest MBBS programs?

Tuition fees can range from around $2,000 to $10,000 USD per year, with the total cost for the entire program potentially falling between $15,000 and $40,000 USD.

Are there any downsides to studying MBBS in a cheaper country?

Some factors to consider include the quality of education and recognition of the degree in your desired practice location. Research the accreditation and licensing requirements carefully.

What are some of the top universities for affordable MBBS programs?

Examples include International Medical University, Osh State Medical University in Kyrgyzstan, Asian Medical Institute in Kyrgyzstan, and universities in the Russia like Ural State Medical University.

What are the eligibility requirements for applying to these programs?

Entrance requirements vary, but typically include strong science grades, an entrance exam, and English language proficiency tests.

Where can I find more information about affordable MBBS programs?

Consult educational consultancies specializing in MBBS abroad. Remember to research the university’s reputation and accreditation thoroughly.


Finding the cheapest MBBS degree is definitely possible! By exploring options in Eastern Europe and Central Asia, you can unlock a world-class medical education without an astronomical price tag. Remember, prioritize factors like degree recognition and quality alongside affordability. With careful research and planning, you can turn your MBBS dream into a reality, and embark on a rewarding journey to become a doctor!

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