What medical universities abroad allow students to transfer

What medical universities abroad allow students to transfer?

Well there are number of universities who allowing the students for Transfer even though without semester back. But countries and universities are very famous for MBBS aborad where you will get the afforable fee and he safe envirnomnet.

Here are a few examples:

  • Georgia
    Caucasus University
    Caucasus International University
    National Georgian University, SEU
    European University in Tbilisi
    Alte University
  • Uzbekistan
    Tashkent Medical Academy – Main Branch
    Tashkent Medical Acadeny – Urgench Branch
    Bukhara State Medical University
    Fergana State Medical University
    Andijan State Medical Institute
  • Kyrgyzstan
    International Medical University
    Osh state Medical University
    Asian Medical Institute

These are just the few examples, many of these universities providing 5 years course for transfer students, which will be completely valid in India. It is important to check with each university you are interested in to see if they have a transfer policy and what their requirements are.

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