NEET 2024 cutoff

What is the NEET 2024 cutoff for EWS MBBS?

NEET 2024 cutoff for EWS MBBS

The NEET examination is the gateway to MBBS goals in India, and for EWS candidates, NEET 2024 cutoff securing a seat for comes with a sigh of remedy. But with the examination across the corner (or maybe you have already taken it!), the question on everyone’s thoughts is: what’s the NNEET 2024 cutoff for EWS MBBS?

While the reliable NEET 2024 cutoff are yet to be released by the National Testing Agency (NTA), which commonly happens round mid-June, we are able to talk what the predicted cutoff is probably and some elements affecting it.

Expected NEET 2024 Cutoff for EWS MBBS

Experts predict the NEET 2024 cutoff for EWS candidates in the range of 720-135 for marks out of a total of 720. This range is much like the previous yr’s cutoff of 720-137 for the General/EWS class.

Factors Affecting NEET 2024 cutoff

Here’s why predicting the exact NEET 2024 cutoff may be complex:

  • Number of Students: If the number of check-takers will increase, the cutoff might upward push because of higher competition.
  • Difficulty Level of the Exam: An less complicated exam may lead to a slightly better cutoff as extra college students score nicely.
  • Number of Available MBBS Seats: With an growth in MBBS seats, the cutoff may want to decrease barely.

Important Dates to Remember

  • NEET 2024 Exam Date: May 5, 2024 (already took place)
  • Expected NEET 2024 Result Declaration: Mid-June 2024 (keep an eye fixed out for professional announcements by NTA)

What is the NEET cutoff?

NEET cutoff refers back to the minimum marks needed to qualify for MBBS/BDS admissions.

Is the NEET cutoff a specific score?

No, it is a percentile rank. You want to attain higher than a positive percent of take a look at-takers.

When will the official NEET 2024 cutoff be released?

The official assertion is predicted around June 14th, 2024, with result. But Answeer key is alrady released

What are the predicted cutoff levels for NEET 2024?

General/EWS: 720-135, SC/ST/OBC: 122-105 (These are predictions, actual can also range)

I scored X, will I get a seat in a government college?

Cutoff rankings for Gov. colleges are typically higher than the general cutoff. A score of 650+ increases your possibilities.

Where can I find the correctonfo of NEET cutoffs?

Official NTA website ( and educational portals after the official statement.


While the anticipate the legit NEET 2024 cutoff can be disturbing, don’t forget that these are simply predictions. Focus to your performance and the colleges you purpose for. Scoring well will come up with more alternatives regardless of the final cutoff.

Here are a few additional suggestions:

  • Utilize the final time before the effects to analyze faculties that receive EWS candidates.
  • Look into nation counseling and All India Quota counseling for MBBS admissions.
  • Stay fine and motivated!
  • By staying informed and organized, you may be ready to address the subsequent steps in your medical journey, regardless of the NEET cutoff.

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