NEET UG counselling

Is NEET UG counselling 2024 postponed?

NEET UG counselling

Greetings, future medical professionals! As you stand poised on the precipice of NEET UG counselling, a crucial development has emerged – the much-anticipated July 6th start date has been postponed. This unexpected turn of events has understandably caused confusion and anxiety among aspirants.

Reasons Behind the Delay- NEET UG counselling

The postponement stems from the ongoing controversy surrounding alleged irregularities in the NEET 2024 exam. Petitions challenging the exam’s conduct and requesting a re-test are currently under the Supreme Court’s scrutiny. The Court’s verdict on these petitions will significantly impact the counselling schedule. Here’s a breakdown of the key arguments:

  • Allegations of Paper Leak: Claims of a potential paper leak prior to the exam have cast a shadow of doubt on the process. The Court will assess the evidence and determine if the allegations hold merit.
  • Demand for Re-Test: Students who believe the alleged paper leak compromised their performance are advocating for a re-test to ensure fairness.
  • Concerns Over Exam Validity: Questions have been raised regarding the integrity of the entire exam process. The Court will strive to ensure a fair and just outcome for all aspirants.

The Waiting Game

The official date for NEET UG counselling 2024 remains shrouded in uncertainty. However, the Supreme Court hearing on July 8th, 2024, is likely to provide some clarity. Here are some potential scenarios depending on the Court’s verdict:

  • Counselling Begins After Court’s Decision: If the Court dismisses the petitions challenging the exam’s validity, counselling might commence soon after the hearing. However, a delay to ensure a smooth and fair process is still possible.
  • Re-Test Ordered: In the less likely scenario of the Court ordering a re-test, counselling would be significantly pushed back to accommodate the revised exam schedule.
  • Ongoing Proceedings: If the Court requires further investigation or evidence before reaching a verdict, counselling might be delayed further.
While the specific timeline remains unclear, one thing is certain: staying informed is crucial. Here’s your action plan:
  • Become an Information Warrior: Regularly check the official websites of the Medical Counselling Committee (MCC) and the National Testing Agency (NTA) for updates. Social media channels of these organizations can also be helpful. Reputable news outlets and educational websites are valuable resources as well.
  • Connect with Fellow Aspirants: Join online communities and forums dedicated to NEET UG aspirants. Sharing experiences and doubts can be incredibly comforting during this stressful time. Remember, you’re not alone!

Beyond the Wait

This unexpected delay presents an opportunity to solidify your preparation for counselling. Here’s how to make the most of this time:

  • Mock Counselling Sessions: With the assumption that the counselling format remains similar (though this can be subject to change), conduct mock counselling sessions. This will familiarize you with the process, allowing you to make informed decisions regarding college and seat preferences.
  • Document Organization: Ensure all necessary documents, such as admit cards, mark sheets, caste certificates (if applicable), and disability certificates (if applicable), are readily available and neatly organized. This will streamline the counselling process once the dates are announced.
  • College Research – Deep Dive: The additional time can be utilized for in-depth research on your preferred colleges. Consider factors like faculty strength, infrastructure, hostel facilities, course curriculum, patient exposure in affiliated hospitals (for clinical years), and alumni network. Shortlist colleges that align with your career aspirations and learning style.
  • Stay Focused and Positive: Channel your anxiety into productive action. Utilize this time to revise key concepts, practice question papers, and stay mentally sharp. Remember, a well-prepared mind is a powerful asset, irrespective of the counselling date.


The NEET UG counselling 2024 postponement might seem like a setback, but it doesn’t have to derail your medical school dreams. View it as an opportunity to further refine your strategies. Stay informed, stay positive, and remain focused on your goal. By following the action plan outlined above, you’ll be well-equipped to navigate this temporary hurdle and emerge victorious. Remember, with dedication, perseverance, and a strategic approach, you can overcome any obstacle and secure your dream medical seat.

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