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Is it possible for a student to take the NEET exam twice in one year?


Hey NEET aspirants! With medical college dreams burning bright, you might be wondering if you can conquer the NEET exam with two attempts in a single year. Buckle up, because we’re diving deep into this question and the latest updates.

The Current Scenario: NEET – Once a Year Warrior

As of July 2024, NEET is a single-shot exam. The National Testing Agency (NTA) conducts it annually for securing those coveted medical college seats. There have been talks about offering NEET twice a year, similar to engineering entrance exams like JEE Main. However, the government has confirmed that NEET will remain a yearly battle for now.

Why Not Twice? Exploring the Reasoning

There are various arguments behind the current format. Some believe NEET, being a highly competitive exam, should prioritize meritocracy. A single attempt ensures only the most prepared students rise to the top. Additionally, conducting the exam twice would require significant logistical changes and might put a strain on resources.

What About the “Second Chance” Narrative?

While the single-attempt system has its merits, some students argue for a second chance. Unexpected situations like illness or unforeseen circumstances can derail exam performance. A second attempt could provide a safety net for deserving students who faced setbacks.

Looking Ahead:

The educational landscape is constantly evolving. While there’s no immediate change planned for NEET, who knows what the future holds? We might see a shift towards a two-attempt system or alternative solutions to address student concerns.

Is NEET offered twice a year?

No, NEET is currently held only once a year.

Why isn’t NEET offered twice a year?

The Indian government has decided to stick with a single annual NEET exam for now. They believe it promotes fairness and reduces burden on students compared to multiple exams.

Have there ever been talks of twice-yearly NEET?

Yes, there were discussions about offering NEET twice a year, but the proposal was rejected.

Where can I find official information about NEET?

The National Testing Agency (NTA) is responsible for NEET. You can find the latest updates on their official website or by following reliable news sources.

Are there any alternative medical entrance exams?

No, NEET is the single entrance exam for undergraduate medical courses in India.

What if I miss the NEET exam this year?

You can prepare and apply for NEET next year. You can also explore other career options in the healthcare field.


Since NEET is currently a single-shot deal, the focus should be on making this attempt remarkable. Here are some power-up tips:

  • Strategic Planning: Chart a study schedule that maximizes your strengths and addresses weaknesses.
  • Practice Makes Perfect: Regular mock tests and question banks are your best friends.
  • Stay Motivated: Surround yourself with positive influences and celebrate small wins.
  • Seek Guidance: Don’t hesitate to seek help from teachers, mentors, or online resources.

Remember, even with one attempt, NEET is conquerable. With dedication, the right approach, and a sprinkle of luck, you can ace this exam and step closer to your medical dream. Now go forth and be the NEET slayer you were meant to be!

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