I don't want to do a PG after an MBB. Can I do a job as a doctor in hospitals after only doing an MBBS

I don’t want to do a PG after an MBB. Can I do a job as a doctor in hospitals after only doing an MBBS?

Yes, you can definitely work as a doctor in hospitals after only completing an MBBS. In fact, many doctors choose not to pursue a postgraduate degree and still have successful careers in medicine.

Here’s what you need to know:

Government Hospitals:

  • Positions: Medical Officer (MO), Senior Resident (SR), Specialist MO
    Responsibilities: General medical care, managing common illnesses and injuries, ordering tests, referring patients to specialists
  • Salary: Starts at approximately ₹50,000 per month, increasing with experience and promotions
  • Benefits: Job security, pension, paid leave, potential for career advancement

Private Hospitals:

  • Positions: Junior Resident, Resident Medical Officer, Consultant (depending on experience)
  • Responsibilities: Similar to government hospitals, with potential for greater specialization in specific departments
  • Salary: Can be higher than government hospitals, depending on the hospital’s reputation and location
  • Benefits: Competitive salary, flexible work schedules, potential for bonuses

Primary Health Centers (PHCs):

  • Positions: Medical Officer In-charge (MOIC)
  • Responsibilities: Providing primary healthcare services to rural communities, managing common illnesses, conducting immunizations, promoting preventive healthcare
  • Salary: Starts at approximately ₹40,000 per month, increasing with experience
  • Benefits: Serving the community, diverse work environment, opportunity to make a significant impact

NGOs and Charitable Organizations:

  • Positions: Medical Officer, Program Coordinator
  • Responsibilities: Providing healthcare services to underserved communities, implementing public health programs, conducting research, advocating for health policy changes
  • Salary: Varies depending on the organization and funding
  • Benefits: Working with a mission-driven organization, making a positive impact on society, gaining experience in public health


  • Positions: Medical Officer
  • Responsibilities: Providing basic healthcare services, dispensing medications, managing minor illnesses and injuries
  • Salary: Varies depending on the location and type of dispensary
  • Benefits: Flexible work schedules, opportunity to work with a smaller patient population.

Starting your own practice:

  • Responsibilities: Managing all aspects of your practice, including patient care, billing, administration
  • Salary: Can be variable, depending on your location, patient base, and business acumen
  • Benefits: Freedom and independence, potential for high income, building your own reputation

Remember, even without a PG, you can still have a successful and rewarding career in medicine. With hard work, dedication, and continuous learning, you can achieve your goals and make a positive impact on people’s lives. But if you wanna specialization in nay particular field, for that you have to do the PG.

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