How many times is the NEET exam conducted in 1 year?


Hey there, NEET aspirants! Grinding through those medical school entrance exam prep books? We know the road to becoming a doctor can be intense, and staying on top of exam information is crucial. Today, we’re tackling a common question: How many times is the NEET exam conducted in a year?

NEET: Once a Year

The answer is straightforward – NEET, the National Eligibility Entrance Test, is held only once a year. There are no mid-year exams or surprise second chances. So, if you miss the window this year, you’ll have to set your sights on the next scheduled date.

Why Just Once?

A single annual NEET exam ensures a fair and standardized process for all applicants. It prevents students from feeling pressured to take the exam repeatedly throughout the year, allowing them to focus their energy on a well-planned, one-shot approach.

Maximizing Your NEET Attempt

Since NEET is your one shot each year, it’s vital to make it count. Here are some tips to optimize your preparation:

  • Start Early: Don’t wait till the last minute. A well-structured study plan spread over months is far more effective than cramming.
  • Identify Your Strengths and Weaknesses: Analyze past NEET papers and mock tests to pinpoint your strong and weak areas. Focus on shoring up your weaker subjects while maintaining your strengths.
  • Practice Makes Perfect: Take as many practice tests and mock exams as possible. This builds stamina, familiarity with the exam format, and helps manage exam anxiety.
  • Seek Guidance: Consider enrolling in a coaching institute or seeking mentorship from experienced educators. Their expertise can make a world of difference.

Is there more than one NEET exam in a year?

No, there is only one NEET exam held annually.

How many times can I take the NEET exam?

There is currently no limit on the number of times you can appear for the NEET exam

Can I choose the date for my NEET exam?

No, there is only one designated date for the NEET exam each year. Candidates must appear on that specific date

What is NEET?

NEET stands for National Eligibility cum Entrance Test. It’s a highly competitive entrance exam in India for students pursuing undergraduate medical programs (MBBS, BDS, etc.).

How can I apply for NEET?

Applications typically open online a few months before the exam. Keep an eye on the official NEET website

What are some resources to prepare for NEET?

Many resources are available to prepare for NEET, including coaching institutes, online study materials, and previous years’ question papers.


Remember, NEET being held once a year is an opportunity, not a restriction. With a strategic plan, unwavering dedication, and the right support system, you can ace that NEET exam and embark on your dream medical career. Now go forth and conquer that entrance exam!

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