How is Fudan University in China for medical?

Fudan University is considered one of the best universities in China for medical studies. It is consistently ranked among the top 10 universities in China and is ranked 41st in the world for Medicine in the QS World University Rankings 2024.

Here are some of the reasons why Fudan University is a good choice for medical studies:
  • Strong academic reputation: The Shanghai Medical College, which is part of Fudan University, has a long and distinguished history, dating back to 1927. It is one of the oldest and most prestigious medical schools in China.
  • Excellent faculty: The medical school has a team of highly qualified and experienced faculty members, many of whom are internationally renowned experts in their fields.
  • Wide range of programs: The medical school offers a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate programs, including programs in clinical medicine, basic medicine, public health, pharmacy, and nursing.
  • Good clinical facilities: The medical school has affiliated hospitals that provide students with excellent clinical training opportunities.
  • International outlook: The medical school has a strong international outlook and offers a number of programs in collaboration with overseas universities.

If you are considering studying medicine in China, Fudan University is definitely a good option to consider. However, it is important to keep in mind that the admissions process is competitive and you will need to have strong academic qualifications and English language skills.

Here are some additional things to consider:
  • The cost of tuition: Tuition fees for international students at Fudan University are relatively high.
  • The language of instruction: Most of the medical programs at Fudan University are taught in Chinese. However, there are a few programs that are taught in English.
  • The visa process: Obtaining a visa to study in China can be a complex process. It is important to start planning early and to make sure that you have all of the necessary documentation.

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