how can i apply for MBBS admission

How can I apply for MBBS admission?

For applying MBBS admission is depends on from where you want to pursue. There are 2 option that is MBBS from India and MBBS from Abroad. Both has different process. Applying for MBBS admission in both India and abroad can be a demanding but rewarding process. Here’s a breakdown to help you navigate the paths:

Applying in India:


  • Pass Class 12 with PCB&E (minimum 50% aggregate) and English.
  • Qualify National Eligibility-cum-Entrance Test (NEET) with a good score (above cut-off for desired colleges).


  • Register for NEET and secure a good score.Register for Medical Counselling Committee (MCC) or state counseling based on your preference.
  • Fill your preferences for colleges and courses based on your NEET score.
  • Wait for seat allotment and report to the allocated college with necessary documents.


  • Familiar environment and language.
  • Large number of government colleges with subsidized fees.


  • Highly competitive environment with limited seats.
  • Long and bureaucratic admission process.
  • Potential for delays and uncertainties.

Applying Abroad:


  • Pass Class 12 with PCB&E (varies by country).
  • Qualify NEET.
  • Take English proficiency tests like IELTS or TOEFL (varies by country).


  • Research and choose your desired country and university.
  • Apply online to the university, submitting required documents.
  • Attend interview if required.
  • Apply for student visa and arrange travel.


  • Exposure to international education and healthcare systems.
  • Affordable fee as compare to India.
  • Potentially higher quality education and facilities.
  • Wide range of universities and programs to choose from.


  • Unfamiliarity with language and culture.
  • Competitive visa application process (varies by country).

Popular countries for MBBS :

  • Russia
  • Georgia
  • Moldova
  • Uzbekistan
  • Kazakhstan
  • Kyrgyzstan

Remember, both India and abroad offer excellent opportunities for MBBS studies. Choose the path that best aligns with your goals and aspirations.

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