How is European Teaching University, Tbilisi, Georgia?

European Teaching University

Considering an MBBS diploma overseas? The European Teaching University (ETU) in Tbilisi, Georgia, might be well worth exploring! lets;s decide if it’s the proper suit for your medical aspirations.

The European Teaching University Experience:

  • Curriculum: European Teaching University’s MBBS course follows a European version, unfold over six years with an additional internship yr. Expect a focus on global requirements and practical training along theoretical information.
  • Faculty: The college boasts skilled and nicely-regarded professors with sturdy backgrounds in medication and pedagogy.
  • Clinical Rotations: European Teaching University leverages partnerships with over 70 clinics in Georgia and collaborates with medical universities international, offering treasured clinical publicity.
  • Facilities: The college claims to have modern day equipment and a simulation middle to beautify your realistic competencies improvement.
  • International Focus: The program is conducted entirely in English, attracting a diverse student body.

Beyond the Basics:

  • Cost-Effective: Compared to Western universities, tuition fee at European Teaching University are typically lower, making it a finances-friendly option.
  • Eligibility: Entry necessities appear to be less stringent than some universities, with a minimal percentage required in science subjects and no front checks mandated (verification with the university is recommended).
  • English Language Proficiency: While this system is in English, a few institutions claim no English language take a look at (e.G., IELTS, TOEFL) is needed for admission. Double-test this aspect without delay with the university for the today’s statistics.

Things to Consider:

  • Recognition: Research whether or not the European Teaching University’s MBBS degree is recognised by means of the medical council for your country of practice.
  • Research Reputation: While a few promotional content exists online, conducting impartial studies at the college’s reputation and accreditation is essential.
  • Language Barrier: Living in a non-English speaking country might pose a few demanding situations. Consider your language abilities and adaptability.


The European Teaching University gives an MBBS application in Georgia with a focus on affordability, realistic training, and an global environment. However, thorough research concerning accreditation, popularity of the degree in your target united states of america, and the college’s reputation is essential. Weigh the pros and cons cautiously and examine European Teaching University with different alternatives earlier than making your selection. Remember, an MBBS diploma is a big funding, so choose accurately!

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