Cost of Living in Tbilisi

The Ultimate Guide to Understanding the Cost of Living in Tbilisi, Georgia

Introduction: Cost of Living in Tbilisi

Tbilisi, the capital metropolis of Georgia, is known for its wealthy records, various culture, and lovely landscapes. For the ones thinking about dwelling or studying in Tbilisi, know-how the value of dwelling is essential for economic making plans and selection-making. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll discover numerous components of the cost of living in Tbilisi, protecting lodging, meals, transportation, healthcare, training, and enjoyment. By presenting valuable insights and realistic suggestions, this manual ambitions to assist individuals price range correctly and make knowledgeable selections when dwelling in Tbilisi.


  • Rental costs in Tbilisi range depending on elements together with vicinity, size, and amenities. While the town center and popular neighborhoods may also have better rents, more low cost alternatives may be found in suburban areas.
  • On average, a one-bed room condo within the metropolis center may cost a little between $300 to $600 consistent with month, while outdoor the metropolis center, rents can variety from $200 to $400 in step with month.


  • Tbilisi gives quite a number academic establishments, inclusive of public and personal colleges, as well as universities and schools. Tuition charges range depending at the institution and application of look at.
  • While public training is free for residents and permanent citizens, worldwide college students may additionally need to pay lessons charges, which can range from $4,000 to $8,000 in step with yr for better education packages.


  • Tbilisi has a properly-evolved public transportation device, along with buses, minibusses (marshrutkas), and the metro, which provide affordable options for getting around the town. A unmarried bus or metro journey generally expenses much less than $0.50.
  • Taxi services like Bolt and Yandex Taxi are also to be had in Tbilisi, with fares beginning at around $2 for a quick experience inside the town.

Food and Groceries:

  • The fee of meals and groceries in Tbilisi is incredibly low-cost as compared to many European towns. Local markets, supermarkets, and grocery stores offer a wide variety of sparkling produce, meat, and dairy products at reasonable prices.
  • A simple meal at an inexpensive eating place may cost round $five to $10, even as cooking at domestic can be even more price-effective, with groceries for per week costing about $30 to $50 for a unmarried man or woman.
Cost of Living in Tbilisi


  • Healthcare offerings in Tbilisi are typically of accurate first-class and relatively cheap. Public hospitals and clinics offer primary medical care at backed rates for residents.
  • Private healthcare centers provide a higher wellknown of care and facilities, however the fee of services can be higher. It’s recommended to have complete medical health insurance coverage to cover any unforeseen scientific prices.

Entertainment and Leisure:

  • Tbilisi boasts a colourful cultural scene with theaters, cinemas, museums, and art galleries offering low-cost entertainment options for residents and traffic.
  • Leisure sports which includes dining out, buying, and leisure outings can be loved at reasonable costs, allowing citizens to experience the town’s various services with out breaking the financial institution.

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What is the value of lodging in Tbilisi as examine to different main towns in Europe?

The value of lodging in Tbilisi is significantly decrease as compared to fundamental towns in Europe. Rental prices for apartments in Tbilisi are usually extra low-cost, making it an attractive alternative for expatriates and college students.

Is Tbilisi an high-priced metropolis to stay in in comparison to other European capitals?

Tbilisi is typically bit pricey than many other European capitals.

How does public transportation evaluate in terms of price and accessibility in Tbilisi?

Public transportation in Tbilisi is each low priced and reachable, with options along with buses, minibusses and the metro.

Are there low-cost dining options to be had in Tbilisi?

Tbilisi gives a wide variety of less expensive dining options, inclusive of neighborhood restaurants, cafes, and avenue food vendors.

How can I control my expenses even as residing in Tbilisi?

It’s critical to tune your charges, prioritize your spending, and search for value-saving possibilities.

Are there possibilities for lower priced enjoyment and enjoyment activities in Tbilisi?

Yes, Tbilisi offers quite a few low priced enjoyment and amusement activities, including cultural activities, museums, theaters, and out of doors points of interest.


Understanding the fee of residing in Tbilisi is critical for anybody thinking about relocating to this dynamic town. By contemplating factors which include accommodation, food, transportation, healthcare, schooling, and amusement, people can finances correctly and enjoy a comfortable way of life in Tbilisi with out overspending.

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