Can a foreign student study in a Korean medical college and work as a doctor in Korea?

Yes, a foreign students can study in a Korean medical college and also can work as a doctor meanwhile there are some criteria or I can say some truth about Korean that you must know before applying :

It is possible to practice there but you have to be master in Korean language. You must pass the Korean Proficiency language Test (TOPIK) at level 4 or may be higher. You have to learn lot. As compare to other country, there is no English medium course. This is extremely important as the words in the Korean language when it comes to medicine can be extremely challenging, thus you must have a good grasp on the Korean language.

You have to write a license exam at different different parts to get licensed as a doctor and there will be ofcoz additional exam since you are a foreigner. many of patience would not be comfortable to check with Non Korean doctors, they might be prefer more their own Korean doctors.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t try it. You can, but make sure you have a solid back up plan if Korea doesn’t work out. The tuition fees for medical school in Korea are high, so it is important to have financial support.

Koreans work hard. You must be prepared to work with the brightest Koreans in the most competitive field in Korea. If these are fine with you then it can be easy to study medicine in Korea as a foreigner.

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