Samara State Medical University, Russia

A century-old institution that educates healthcare professionals, advances science and fosters development.

Samara State Medical University, Russia

Samara State Medical University (SamSMU) is one of the largest and well-known medical universities in Russia. It is an ideal place to study MBBS in Russia. The university has 8 faculties, including the Faculty of Medicine, and over 65 academic departments. The university has so far awarded many graduate students including 17,650 doctors of the Faculty of Medicine.

The company was established on January 1, 1919 popularly known as SamSMU and is located in the great city of Samara, Russia. SamSMU has 8 institutes, over 15 specialized diagnostic and treatment facilities, 14 departments and 90 chairs. The teaching staff consists of 622 people, 14 of whom are academics and correspondents of several departments, 100 professors and doctoral students, and 386 associate professors. There are 6 professional committees that evaluate research and issue degrees in certain fields. Approximately 6,000 students study at Samara State Medical University.


Faculty members have published over 10,000 scientific papers in international journals


Tuition fees are relatively affordable for international students


Friendly and welcoming environment for international students

Why should you choose Samara State Medical University?

Every student first thinks why choose this university? Students, there are many interesting facts and figures. Some amazing things are mentioned below. Students can check it below.

Quality education comes first

The university's main priority is to provide students with quality education. The university has everything to become a competent specialist: a logical organization of the educational process, highly qualified teachers and excellent material and technological facilities.

Science and innovation

Samara State Medical University conducts basic and applied research that is in line with global trends and priority areas for the development of medical science. This university supports youth initiatives to develop science and organize scientific events.

Sport and creativity

Samara State Medical University has its own sports complex and gymnasium and two outdoor sports fields. There are 10 sports sections at the physical education department. The university organized various types of sports on campus for the students.


The university has one of the best largest libraries in the city of Samara. The library's readers are more than 5000+ students, teachers, postgraduates, residents, university staff, etc. Every year they visit the subscription and study rooms more than 300+ thousand times and are given more than 600+ thousand copies of documents.

Catering facilities

Students of Samara State Medical University receive tasty and healthy food from the university nutrition center. They have a varied menu and high quality food products at reasonable prices.

Fee Structure of Samara State Medical University

Medical aspirants are attracted to study MBBS in Russia at Samara State Medical University :

ParticularYear 1Year 2Year 3Year 4Year 5Year 6
Tuition Fees4,00,000 RUB2,48,680 RUB2,48,680 RUB2,48,680 RUB2,48,680 RUB2,48,680 RUB
Hostel Fees55,000 RUB55,000 RUB55,000 RUB55,000 RUB55,000 RUB55,000 RUB
Total Fees in RUB4,55,000 RUB3,03,680 RUB3,03,680 RUB3,03,680 RUB3,03,680 RUB3,03,680 RUB
Total Fees in Rs6,59,750 INR4,40,336 INR4,40,336 INR4,40,336 INR4,40,336 INR4,40,336 INR

Note: 1 RUB = Rs. 1.45 (approx)

Samara State Medical University Eligibility Criteria

For admission to university students need to meet the Samara State Medical University eligibility criteria. Interested students who want to study MBBS at Samara State Medical University meet themselves. Indian students are as also follows.

Hostel Facilities Samara State Medical University

The university has the best hostel facilities for foreign students who come to study MBBS at Samara State Medical University. The hostel rooms are fully furnished and well maintained with all the basic things like beds, fans, tables, swimming pool, gym, dining room etc.

Samara State University has so many buildings and a convenient place for student dormitories with more than 1000 beds. Samara University has various facilities for international students.

Student life Samara State Medical University

Samara State Medical University believes in a healthy lifestyle, so the university provides various kinds of additional facilities for students. Every year, the university organized a sports week and other extracurricular activities on campus.

Sports activities help solve the problem of pupils’ free time. It has a strong sports base: two large sports halls and one of the swimming pools in Samara is rented.

The university has a sports committee which managed and organized various tournaments. There are various sports sections for volleyball, basketball, football, fencing, table tennis, swimming, karate, aerobics, in which both beginners and professionals will find their place.

Students who want to study in this university can enjoy these activities along with their studies. Applicants can live an unforgettable life at Samara State Medical University with a diversified environment.

Samara State Medical University Ranking 2023

Samara State Medical University is a top-class institute with the excellent world and country ranking: UniRank


Advantages of studying at Samara State Medical Universit

Disadvantages of studying at Samara State Medical University

Placement at Samara State Medical University

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MBBS in Russia - Important FAQs

Samara State Medical University ranked 197th in the country. This creates a positive impression in the minds of the students. We can say that the ranking is the attraction of the university.

Yes, this university is the best in Russia to study MBBS at an affordable price. So many students come here every year to enroll themselves. It holds an attractive rating in the country and in the world. In addition to studies, the university provides various other facilities.

  • Sport equipment
  • The best student accommodation in a hostel
  • Extracurricular activities
  • Live experiments during the medical course
  • Worldwide exposure

Those students who want to be admitted to study MBBS in Samara State University only fulfill the eligibility criteria for admission.

  • Students should be 17 years old at the time of admission.
  • 50% marks are required in 12th grade.
    For reserved category students in 10+2, 40% marks are required.
  • The main subjects of 12th standard are Physics, Chemistry, Biology and English.
  • NEET Exam Qualification.

Yes, if you are an Indian student and want to study MBBS abroad, you should qualify NEET. This is mandatory for all Indian students pursuing MBBS at Samara State Medical University.

It is more famous among all medical students. Every year so many students apply. Now around 7000+ at Samara State Medical University at that time. These things create a positive impression in the minds of students.

The living costs in Russia are relatively low. You can live comfortably on a student budget of around Rs. 10,000 per month.