If I did an MBBS from Kyrgyzstan, can I take the PLAB or AMC exam without clearing my country license exam?

No, you cannot take the PLAB or AMC exam without clearing your country’s license exam (such as the FMGE in India) if you did your MBBS from Kyrgyzstan. Here’s why:

PLAB (Professional and Linguistic Assessments Board):
  • The General Medical Council (GMC) of the UK, which conducts the PLAB, requires all International Medical Graduates (IMGs) to hold a current and valid license to practice medicine in their home country before applying for PLAB registration.
  • This is a mandatory requirement, and there are no exceptions.
AMC (Australian Medical Council):
  • Similarly, the AMC of Australia also requires IMGs to possess a current and valid medical registration from their home country before being eligible for their registration process.
  • This policy ensures that doctors seeking registration in these countries possess the minimum required training and competence to practice medicine safely and effectively.
Alternative pathways:

If you haven’t cleared your country’s license exam and are still interested in practicing in the UK or Australia, you can explore alternative pathways, such as:

  • Completing relevant postgraduate training in another country recognized by the GMC or AMC.
  • Gaining extensive clinical experience in your home country under the supervision of registered doctors.

However, these routes can be lengthy and complex, so it’s crucial to research and understand the specific requirements and eligibility criteria for each pathway.

Remember, the path to practicing medicine in another country can be challenging, so it’s crucial to gather accurate information and plan carefully.

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