How long is an MBBS internship?

The duration of an MBBS internship typically depends on where you’re completing it. Here’s a breakdown for some common regions:

India: In India, an MBBS internship is mandatory and lasts for one year following the four-and-a-half-year MBBS course. This is necessary to obtain the degree and be eligible for postgraduate admissions.

United States: In the US, a medical internship for aspiring doctors typically lasts for one year and is usually referred to as “PGY-1” (post-graduate year 1). It often begins on July 1st.

Other countries:


  • Duration: 1 year (mandatory)
  • Structure: Rotations in core clinical departments, with some flexibility for individual preferences.


  • Duration: 1 year (mandatory)
  • Structure: Rotations in primary care and specialized departments based on university regulations.


  • Duration: 1 year (mandatory)
  • Structure: Rotations in various hospital departments under supervision of experienced doctors.


  • Duration: 1 year (mandatory)
  • Structure: Rotations in various clinical departments with a focus on practical skills development.
  • The NMC of India’s recent regulations require foreign medical graduates (FMGs) to complete a separate 1-year internship in India after obtaining their primary medical qualification abroad. This applies even if the internship was completed as part of the MBBS program in another country.
  • Internship durations may be subject to change based on individual university regulations or national policies.

I hope this detailed breakdown helps! Remember, it’s important to rely on official sources for the most accurate information regarding MBBS internship regulations.

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