Can someone do the USMLE or PLAB after doing post-graduation from India?

Yes, you can definitely take both USMLE and PLAB after completing your post-graduation from India, but there are some important things to consider:


  • Pathways: You’ll need to take all three steps of the USMLE (Step 1, Step 2 CK, Step 2 CS) regardless of your Indian post-graduation. Your Indian PG degree won’t be considered equivalent to US residency.
  • Preparation: Be prepared for dedicated studying and familiarize yourself with the US healthcare system. Resources and practice materials specifically geared towards Indian medical graduates are available.
  • Residency: Clearing USMLE is just the first step. Completing a US residency program is mandatory to practice medicine in the US. The process can be competitive, and securing a residency may depend on your USMLE scores, clinical experience, and other factors.


  • Two-part exam: You’ll need to pass both PLAB 1 and PLAB 2 to register as a doctor in the UK. PLAB 1 assesses medical knowledge, while PLAB 2 tests clinical skills.
  • Pathway options: Consider whether you want to work directly as a doctor after PLAB or pursue further specialist training in the UK. Different pathways exist depending on your choice.
  • Recognition of Indian PG: Some Indian PG specializations like MD Medicine, MD Radiology, and MD General Surgery have limited recognition in the UK. You might need to undergo additional training or exams depending on your specific field.

Here are some additional points to keep in mind:

  • Costs: Both USMLE and PLAB involve significant costs for registration, materials, and preparation courses. Factor this into your decision-making process.
  • Visa requirements: Both US and UK have specific visa requirements for medical professionals. Research and understand the relevant policies before applying.
  • Personal goals: Consider your career aspirations, future plans, and personal preferences when choosing between USMLE and PLAB.
For Indian graduates aiming to practice in the US or UK after PG, several strategies can pave the path to success:
  • Early planning and research: Start researching and planning your chosen pathway well in advance. Attend career fairs, connect with alumni practicing abroad, and seek guidance from experienced professionals.
  • Dedicated preparation: Invest in high-quality study materials and preparation courses tailored to your chosen exam. Develop a structured study plan, join online communities or study groups, and actively practice mock exams.
  • Gaining clinical experience: Enhance your CV by seeking clinical exposure through observerships or volunteer work in relevant fields, either in India or abroad.
  • Developing communication skills: Both USMLE and PLAB emphasize clear communication with patients. Hone your English language proficiency through practice and targeted language courses.

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