Ad din Womens Medical College Bangladesh

Established in 1998, AWMC has emerged as a finest institution, nurturing the goals of ladies throughout the country and shaping the destiny of healthcare in Bangladesh.

Ad din Women’s Medical College

Ad din Womens Medical College (AWMC) stands as a beacon of wish and empowerment for aspiring female physicians in Bangladesh. Established in 1998, AWMC has emerged as a most reliable group, nurturing the desires of girls across the nation and shaping the future of healthcare in Bangladesh. At AWMC, we are committed to imparting a transformative academic revel in that equips women with the knowledge, skills, and compassion necessary to excel in the disturbing but rewarding subject of medication. Our committed school, renowned for his or her information and unwavering dedication to coaching, guide college students through each step of their educational adventure, instilling a lifelong love of learning and a deep sense of ethical clinical practice.


Tuition fees are relatively affordable for international students


Friendly and welcoming environment for international students

Why should you choose Ad din Womens Medical College?

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Dedicated and Experienced Faculty

AWMC's faculty accommodates renowned medical specialists who are enthusiastic about coaching and committed to nurturing the subsequent technology of woman physicians. Their knowledge and unwavering commitment to student success ensure that students receive a complete and rigorous scientific education.

Commitment to Social Responsibility

AWMC instills a sturdy sense of social obligation in its college students, encouraging them to make a contribution to the betterment in their communities. Students actively participate in community outreach applications, addressing healthcare disparities and advocating for underserved populations.

Personal and Professional Transformation

AWMC gives a transformative educational enjoy that nurtures non-public and professional boom. Students broaden vital questioning, problem-solving, and conversation talents, making ready them to turn out to be leaders within the healthcare subject.

Affordable Tuition Fees

AWMC's training expenses are quite inexpensive as compared to other medical schools inside the region, making it an on hand choice for aspiring girl physicians from numerous backgrounds.

Empowering Women in Healthcare

AWMC is devoted to empowering ladies in healthcare, making sure that they've the know-how, abilities, and self assurance to pursue their scientific aspirations and make a fantastic effect on the world.​

Fee Structure of Ad din Womens Medical College 2024

Medical aspirants are attracted to study MBBS in Bangladesh at Ad din Womens Medical College:

Particular 1st year2nd year3rd year4th year5th year6th year
Tuition fee36,000$36,000$36,000$36,000$36,000$36,000$

Note: 1 $ = Rs. 83.37 (approx)

Ad din Womens Medical College Eligibility Criteria

The eligibility criteria for admission to Ad din Womens Medical College are as follows:

Hostel Facilities Ad din Womens Medical College

Ad din Womens Medical College (AWMC) gives well-prepared hostel centers for its lady college students, making sure a snug and stable residing surroundings while they pursue their scientific schooling. The hostels are located inside close proximity to the college campus, imparting handy access to school rooms, laboratories, and different facilities.

In addition to the fundamental centers, the hostels also provide some of other services consisting of:

Student life at Ad din Womens Medical College

Student life at Ad din Women’s Medical College (AWMC) is a vibrant and enriching revel in that nurtures private and professional growth. As a lady-focused institution, AWMC fosters a supportive and inclusive surroundings wherein college students experience empowered to pursue their dreams in medicinal drug.

Academic Excellence and Hands-on Training: At the heart of AWMC lies a commitment to academic excellence. Students engage in rigorous coursework, guided by means of experienced and dedicated college who’re obsessed on teaching and preparing the subsequent technology of girl physicians. The university’s emphasis on palms-on scientific training ensures that students advantage practical enjoy in various clinical settings, honing their abilties and growing self belief in affected person care.

Beyond the Classroom: A Holistic Learning Environment AWMC acknowledges the significance of holistic development past the lecture room. Students have sufficient possibilities to take part in extracurricular sports, fostering a experience of network and engagement. From cultural events and sports activities teams to pupil clubs and agencies focused on social obligation, there’s some thing for every body at AWMC.

Nurturing Compassionate and Socially Responsible Physicians AWMC instills in its students a strong feel of social responsibility, encouraging them to make a contribution to the betterment in their groups. Students actively participate in network outreach applications, addressing healthcare disparities and advocating for underserved populations. This dedication to social duty extends throughout their careers, making AWMC graduates treasured property to the healthcare panorama.

A Pathway to Successful Careers in Medicine AWMC’s graduates are nicely-placed for a success careers in diverse scientific fields. The college’s career offerings department affords comprehensive steerage and help to college students, supporting them navigate their profession paths and connect to potential employers. The college’s recognition for instructional excellence and its emphasis on hands-on scientific schooling make AWMC graduates particularly popular through healthcare institutions and businesses global.

Ad din Womens Medical College Ranking 2024

Ad din Womens Medical College is a top-class institute with the excellent world and country ranking: Unirank


Advantages of studying at Ad din Womens Medical College

Disadvantages of studying at Ad din Womens Medical College

Placement at Ad din Womens Medical College

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Ad din Womens Medical College FAQs

Ad-din Womens Medical College (AWMC) is a private women’s medical college located in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Established in 1998, AWMC is affiliated with the University of Dhaka and offers a 5-year MBBS program that leads to a Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) degree.

Q: What is the curriculum at AWMC?

The curriculum at AWMC is designed to provide students with a comprehensive and rigorous medical education. The curriculum is divided into four phases: Phase I (Basic Medical Sciences), Phase II (Para-clinical Sciences), Phase III (Clinical Rotations), and Phase IV (Community Based Education and Internship).

AWMC uses a variety of teaching methods, including lectures, tutorials, practical sessions, clinical rotations, and seminars. The college also uses modern technology to enhance the learning experience, such as e-learning platforms and simulation labs.

The faculty at AWMC is composed of experienced and dedicated medical professionals who are passionate about teaching and preparing the next generation of female physicians. The faculty is committed to providing students with a high-quality medical education and helping them achieve their goals.

Student life at AWMC is vibrant and enriching. Students have the opportunity to participate in a variety of extracurricular activities, including student clubs and organizations, sports teams, cultural events, and community outreach programs. The college also has a strong sense of community and belonging.

AWMC provides a variety of support services to students, including academic advising, career counseling, health services, and mental health counseling. The college also has a dedicated student support team that is available to assist students with any questions or concerns they may have.

Graduates of AWMC are well-positioned for successful careers in various medical fields. The college’s career services department provides comprehensive guidance and support to students, helping them navigate their career paths and connect with potential employers. The college’s reputation for academic excellence and its emphasis on hands-on clinical training make AWMC graduates highly sought after by healthcare institutions and organizations worldwide.