University Transfer from Ukraine to Georgia for Indian Student

Ukraine is one of the most acknowledged countries in the world, however, is in a state of struggle due to which many vital matters are affected. But the most significant component that is affected is the education and professional life of all of the students who had been locals in addition to international students.

Due to the state of struggle, Ukraine has ordered its universities to remain closed till the next notice because of which college students are clueless as to their cash in addition to their year being wasted.

Condolence to all of the innocent college students who’ve misplaced their lives in this struggle. But as always we are here to help you out with all problems related to your education. Now no pupil will need to depart his/her education because of struggle fare. We have an alternative like Ukraine to help complete your education. Which is

Georgia ranks 1st in the U.S. in connecting the K-12 education system with early learning, higher education, and the world of work, according to Education Week. The state ranks 17th in the nation for K-12 achievement. Georgia’s literacy rate for 2017 was 99.36%.

Follow Your Dream With Study MBBS Georgia

University Transfer from Ukraine to Georgia

Key Highlights for Why Ukraine Students Should Choose Georgia?

Medical universities in Georgia are identified through WHO and UNESCO.

Students who examine MBBS in Georgia can get the opportunity to do the experiments and clinical clerkship from the 1st semester onwards. This may even assist to enhance a student’s skills.

Georgian clinical universities do not ask for any form of donation.

Students get many best alternatives for internships or in addition studies within the country itself.

The universities in Georgia are properly prepared with awesome generation and infrastructure.

All the clinical universities in Georgia offer excellent accommodation centers for the scholars and in addition, they make Indian meals easily available for the students.

MBBS admission in Georgia is really a completely affordable choice for Indian college students as there are numerous universities that give low-value MBBS in Georgia.

Georgia is a really secure country. Students can without difficulty travel in public shipping like buses, trains, etc. without any problems.

Approximately, 50% discount on transportation for international college students.

Outstanding global faculties.

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Top Medical Universities in Georgia ( Low Fee Structure)

The low fee structure is one of the fundamental reasons behind it. Take a look at the low price structured medical universities of Georgia:

UniversitiesTuition Fees / YearHostel Fees / Year
Batumi Shota Rustaveli State UniversityRs. 4,20,000Rs. 2,10,000
New Vision UniversityRs. 4,90,000Rs. 2,00,000
Akaki Tsereteli State UniversityRs. 4,30,000Rs. 40,000
David Tvildiani Medical UniversityRs. 7,34,000Rs. 40,000
Ilia State Medical UniversityRs. 3,76,000Rs. 2,13,000
Tbilisi State Medical UniversityRs. 5,94,000Rs. 40,000
Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State UniversityRs. 2,80,000Rs. 40,000
Caucasus International UniversityRs. 3,94,000Rs. 40,000
Georgian National University SEURs. 1,05,000Rs. 70,000
David Agmashenebeli UniversityRs. 2,87,000Rs. 35,000
BAU International University, BatumiRs. 4,55,000Rs. 35,000
Tbilisi Open Teaching UniversityRs. 3,15,000Rs. 1,75,000
Georgian American UniversityRs. 3,19,200Rs. 70,000

How do Get the Transfer to any University in Georgia?

In order to transfer your credits from your present college to the university in Georgia here is the documents and procedure:

Copy of your international passport

Transcript from your previous university

Curriculum or syllabus from your previous university

Afterward, you have to pay $100 – $200 to have your documents translated, notarized, and presented to the dean of your faculty of medicine to review.

After the review, the dean will tell you how many credits from your transcript are recognized and which semester you can continue at the University of Georgia. If you are satisfied with the offer of the dean, then you have to pay his university registration fees so that we can apply for your recognition from the national center for education quality enhancement.

Documents Required for Admission

See if you have the subsequent list of files that you’ll require to begin the application process:

Original passport which should be valid for one year.

Six passport-size photos.

Completely filled application form for a visa for students.

Admission/offer letter Processing fee.

Bank statement for the last six months and a copy of income tax return.

Admission or invitation letter from the university or the institution.

Photocopies of IELTS or academic score cards.

Bank certificate of Rs.3-4 Lakhs and bank statement for last 3 months.

Photocopies of academics and IELTS score cards.

Two ways tickets for the student.

So these were the steps to get admission to the universities of Georgia to complete your education.

Georgia has a great atmosphere for the students which may help you to overcome the trauma you faced during the struggle in Ukraine.

By completing the above procedures you may get entry into any of the Universities in Georgia but you may choose the college as per your convenience.

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