Have you ever thought of studying abroad? Many of the students from different countries and having different backgrounds have dreamed of studying abroad, but they have a lot of questions about it. They are in a confused state of mind. There are a lot of emotions that have filled their mind such as fear, anxiety, confusion, excitement, etc. at the same time.

We understand this student’s state of mind and thus, we provide them guidance, free counseling, and support for various services which we offer. We guide students and their parents for a smooth admission process as well as help to solve accommodation needs, we try to give scholarship opportunities for deserving students and many such things.

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Free Counseling

BFAS has a team of expert and trained counselors who help students with their self-assessment. We guide students to identify their needs and professional goals so that they can choose a perfect course for themselves and can accomplish their career goals.

Admission Process

According to the needs and requirements of an individual student, ‘Bright Future Abroad Studies’ help them to BFAS across the world. Choosing the right university according to one’s needs is an important job and we guide you with it and we help you to apply to these universities. Students getting an invitation letter from universities where they have applied is a success for us and we have a high success rate for this.

The admission process can be often long and stressful. Hence, in such situations, our counselors become your friends and they advise you and guide you to make the admission process stress-free and easy.

Documentation Assistance

I. Passport assistance
‘Bright Future Abroad Studies’ helps you and guides you throughout the process of passport application. If you have the admission letter with you then you can get the passport on an urgent basis. We at ‘Bright Future Abroad Studies’ will provide you with that admission letter.

II. Legalization of documents
We will help you with all the documentation procedures which are required to complete the admission procedure, attestations of documents, translation of documents, etc.

Student Visa Guidance

It is always a tiresome and lengthy process to get a visa or a passport. Our counselors have all the knowledge in this regard and they can guide you with all the required formalities. There is a professional method, which is followed at ‘Bright Future Abroad Studies’ which helps to move your papers ahead more quickly which will help you to get your visa earlier.

Education Loan

Getting your education loans approved is also a tedious job. ‘Bright Future Abroad Studies’ helps you with all the necessary documentation required for getting your education loans approved.

Forex Assistance

At ‘Bright Future Abroad Studies’ we assist our students in getting their currency exchanged. Our contacts with some foreign exchange companies will help you, students, to get the best exchange rates. To make sure that the foreign exchange of currency is hassle-free, ‘Bright Future Abroad Studies’ helps its students to issue debit cards, demand drafts, currency notes, etc.

Pre – Departure Guidance

Apart from helping with the passport, visa, admission, etc. Our counselor will help you with all the ins and outs of the country where you are going. They will also provide you with some traveling guidelines, as it might be the case that many of the students may be traveling such a distance by plane for the first time.

It is also necessary to understand the culture, lifestyle, people, language and many more such basic things of the country where you are going to live and study. Knowing about the place before you actually start living in the country is a very important thing. We, at Bright Future Abroad Studies, meet you personally and guide you and sort out your issues if any before your departure date.

Post-Departure Guidance

At ‘Bright Future Abroad Studies’ we provide our students with some of the following post-departure facilities

We drop our students at the university.
We help them with hostel registration and accommodation facilities.
We get the final documentation done for our students in the university.
We help them with hostel mess enrollment.
Medical insurance is one of the important things when you are abroad; we help in getting it done for you.
We help parents of our students to help them in their visa process so that they can meet their children during the course duration.
We take reports of our students at regular intervals about their studies, attendance, etc., and inform their parents on a timely basis.
Our students are our high priority and we are ready to help them at any time and in case of any emergency.

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Our Happy Students

Pratit Krishna

VNMU Student

“Provide genuine information. Counselors are very helpful. BFAS is the best place for getting admission and all formalities done”

Foram H. Mehta

VNMU Student

“Bright Future Abroad Studies is a very good organization and my experience with them was lovely and I recommend it to everyone out there”

Manoj Choudhry

KMU Student

“Very professional and experienced consultants. Thankful to Bright Future Abroad Studies for helping me decide the best options for abroad study”

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