Mistakes To Avoid While Applying For Study MBBS Abroad

7 Common Mistakes To Avoid While Applying For Study MBBS Abroad

Most of the students who dream to study MBBS abroad miss the chance due to the simple mistakes they make. Their dreams could have come to life if they would have avoided these common and silly mistakes at the time of application. Over the years, the number of students optimistic about pursuing MBBS abroad has been on the increase. Every year, the number of aspiring Indian medical students boarding to study medicine abroad increases by a few thousands.

But unfortunately some of these students often face difficulty sometime between the admission process and their stay in the foreign land. Several aspiring medical students often jeopardize their experience of studying MBBS abroad by overlooking some of the key points at the time of application.

As a result, when they reach the new stop, they find it difficult to hold things together and therefore struggle during their period of stay. Below are five most common mistakes students make at the time of MBBS admission abroad in their desired universities.

1. Not Planning The Overall Budget Beforehand

One of the most common mistakes the students make when proceeding with MBBS abroad is not chalking out a rough sketch for their expenses. This includes not only the tuition fees but also hostel and mess charges, documentation fee, and other everyday expenses such as traveling, purchasing, etc.

Allotting your entire budget as the tuition fee often gives the students a short hand in managing expenditure and it is easy to get over it. Therefore, before planning the finances for MBBS admission abroad, it is advisable to segregate the budget accordingly and then proceed with choosing the university.

2. Lack of Research

Many times, it is found that the students often choose the university on the grounds of popularity. As a result they do not research much and make decisions based on popular beliefs and reviews. When choosing a university for your MBBS abroad, it is required for the students to get the basic research done.

Here are some of the questions that you must look for when deciding upon which university to choose for your MBBS admission abroad.

  • What is the medium of education?
  • What is the total course duration?
  • What facilities are available for the Indian students?
  • How many Indian students are in the university?
  • Does the university provide hostel and mess facilities?
  • What is the curriculum structure and co-curricular activities offered by the university?
  • Are there any opportunities of practice/experience during your period of stay?

Before proceeding to the final steps, the students are always advised to have all their doubts and concerns answered instead of opting for a blind guess.

3. Ignoring Career Goals & Objectives

Another important thing for the student is to identify their own career objective and long-term goals. If you’re not sure about studying medicine, it is better to reconsider your decision than backing out later in the journey.

Moreover, it’s better to have clarity about the future goals and ensure that the chosen university helps you in achieving it. For example, if you wish to practice in the USA, your aim would be USMLE, for this, the medical universities of Americas/ Caribbean could be a more suited choice.

4. Not Investigating About Finances and Scholarships

Funding for education is a major concern for many international students. There are a number of funding aids that help a student. Student education loans are the most common choice of many international students. These loans are provided to students with high-interest rates. Students have to start repaying the loan once they graduate.

Scholarships are the most comfortable financial aid. The universities provide special scholarships for international students. The scholarship is enough to pay the tuition fees. Other financial aids come from governments. You must contact your own country’s study abroad education departments about more details on this.

5. Overlooking Climate, Weather & Safety Considerations

One of the most overlooked aspects that the students make when choosing where to study MBBS abroad is the climate. This includes the weather conditions, local culture, safety considerations and so on!

If the student prefers coastal weather conditions, Bangladesh, Guyana, or Caribbean could be a great choice.

Along with the weather conditions, it is also important to have an overview of the safety outlook of the region. The good universities often provide a safe and secure environment to the students on campus as well as in hostels and other off campus areas. Still, it is better to check whether your chosen country and city stands on safety charts and crime rates.

6. Not Looking for Part-time Jobs Abroad

Another priority while looking for a suitable university is to look for a Country with part-time jobs. The financial aid can take care of the tuition fees and other educational needs but for living expenses and groceries, you have to rely on additional income.

There are several part-time jobs available for students to cover their costs. Countries like the USA, UK, Germany, Canada, Australia, and many more commonly provide part-time jobs to students.

7. Lack of Expert Guidance

Probably the most common mistake that many students make when planning their MBBS admissions abroad is to refuse the assistance from the experts and education counselors. With the assistance, the entire process from choosing the country as well as the university selection to admission process, travel arrangements, etc can become extremely tedious and tenacious. This could be difficult to manage for the students and parents alike, especially those who do not have any idea about traveling abroad.

The team is often well trained to make the entire procedure smooth and even provide several other benefits. But what is more important is that, this ensures the student is not left alone to navigate in the foreign land.

Though the concern of most of the students is often valid, as the chances of being scammed is high, it is important to choose the one with high reputation and trust value. Bright Future Abroad Studies has been working to guide the Indian students towards their dream of becoming a successful doctor with MBBS abroad. With a team of highly competent education counselors and a team to assist at every step of the entire procedure, several thousands of students are already studying in the top medical universities abroad.

To begin your journey towards becoming a successful doctor with Bright Future Abroad Studies, dial in the student helpline number +91 9414232303, 9610382701 today!

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