Brief Description Of Study MBBS in Ukraine 2021 [Sept. Intake]

Medical Council Of India Is Dissolved

As Per The Notification Issued By The “MINISTRY OF HEALTH AND FAMILY WELFARE (Department Of Health And Family Welfare On 24th September 2020. S.O. 3263(E)”, Medical Council Of India Is Dissolved. Government Has Also Dissolved The Indian Medical Council Act, 1956. National Medical Commission Act, 2019 Will Be Superseded. Now National Medical Commission Will Be The Regulatory Body In Place Of MCI. The Students Who Are Going To Aboard For Their MBBS Should Not Worry Because Nothing Has Changed For Them. If Any New Rules And Regulations Are Issued By NMC, The Students Who Are Going To Aboard For Their Medical Education Will Have To Follow It.

Ukraine Over The Years Has Always Been Gaining Significant Popularity Amongst Students Looking Forward To Pursuing MBBS In Ukraine. There Are Various Prominent Colleges In Ukraine Offering Degrees In Courses Like MBBS, MD & Other Medical Degrees. The Very USP Of Medical Study In Ukraine Offers Is That Complete Courses Are Very Affordable. Pursuing Medicine Is Amongst The Top Career Choices Made By Indians. The Field Is A Lucrative One, Providing Tons Of Opportunities To Professionals In The Medical Industry. Most Individuals Who Take Up MBBS In India Find Themselves Paying A Massive Tuition Fee With Only Little Practical Exposure, Hence Looking For Options Abroad. Ukraine Offers A Comprehensive Course To Study Medicine, Guaranteeing Good Exposure Into The Field At An Affordable Course Fee. Recognized By The MCI And WHO, About 65,000 Students From 400 Countries Around The World Migrate To Ukraine To Pursue Their Medical Degree, Thus Making The Country A Popular Option For International Students. The Wide Career Opportunities, Affordable Lifestyle, And Quality Of Education Are What Make This Country Stand Out From The Rest. Let Us Look At Some Of The Things To Keep In Mind While Applying To Universities In Ukraine. General Medicine (MBBS) Is A Very Common Education Specialty Among Foreign Students In Ukraine And Is Selected By 31 Percent Of Foreign Students, According To The Ministry’s Study. It Is Becoming The Greatest Attraction To Get A Degree In The Medical Field In Europe, As Young Students Are Learning At A High-Quality But Reasonable Prices. Annually, From July To November, Some 4,500 People Come To Pursue MBBS In Ukraine, The Cheapest Place To Learn Medicine, Dentistry, And Pharmacy. Since 2002, Demand For MBBS Studies In Ukraine Has Risen, As Is Well Established And Supported By Very Strong Teaching And Inexpensive Prices. International Candidates Are Drawn By The Flexibility Of Education: They Are Taught General Medicine For Six Years And Practice Only Then. Teaching Has Performed In The English And Ukrainian Languages For More Than 25 Years.

Eligibility Criteria For Study MBBS in Ukraine

1. The Student Must Have 50% In Physics, Chemistry, And Biology In Class 12th.

2. ST/SC/OBC Candidates Must Have At Least 40% In Physics, Chemistry, And Biology In Class 12th.

3. The Minimum Age To Apply For MBBS In Ukraine Is 17 Years As On The Date Of 31st December Of The Academic Year.

4. He/She Must Have A Qualified Scorecard Of NEET(National Eligibility Cum Entrance Test)

Why Study MBBS In Ukraine?

The Ukrainian Government Is On The Quest To Develop World-Class Medical Learning Facilities. Prominent Universities Thrive Over The Multifaceted Guidance From Government Bodies. Students Graduating From A Ukrainian Medical University Are Capable Of Practicing Worldwide. The Most Driving Factors For Medical Colleges In Ukraine That Attract Maximum Students Are Listed Below.

1. The Optimum And Cutting Edge Infrastructure Amongst Medical Colleges At Ukraine

2. Most Of The Colleges Are Government-Backed And Ready To Assist In Research And Financial Aspects.

3. Quiet A Minimum Expense For MBBS In Ukraine

4. The Students Don’t Need To Pay Any Sort Of Donation, To Get Admission.

5. The Consistent Sports Activities And Extracurricular Help Students Keeping Themselves Fit And Engaged With Studies.

6. Students Are Always Encouraged, Aspired, And Motivated To Attend Multiple Seminars And Conferences.

7. The Safety Of Students Is Ensured By University And Government As A Whole.

8. Excellent Accommodation And Cost-Effective Living Add Value To A Student’s Life.

9. Practical Approach Based Teaching-Learning Is Given Priority

10. There Isn’t Any Requirement Of An English Fluency Test To Have Appeared For Admission In Medical Colleges In Ukraine.

Since All The Medical Universities In Ukraine Come Under The Ministry Of Education And Science, So Ensuring Top-Notch Quality Is A Government Responsibility. Students Can Always Reap Out The Best Of Quality, Infrastructure, And Financial Aspects By Studying Over Here.

The Ukrainian Medical Universities Are Known For Their Holistic Educational Programs At Quite Affordable Prices. Although There Are Multiple Reasons To Persuade You, Let’s Dig Deeper Into The Advantages One Can Reap.

Quality Education
The Quality Of Education Offered At Ukrainian Medical Universities Is At Far Best Compared To Prominent Around The World. The Ecosystem In Overall All Created By A Team Of Subject Experts And Doctors Will Ensure The Smartest Way Of Studying. The Global Medical Foundation Already Ascertains That.

Affordable Tuition Fees
The Total Amount Paid As An Annual Fee Is By Far Very Less Compared To One Paid In India. On Average, There Is a Close To USD 3500-5000 Annually For An MBBS In Ukraine. Although Detailed Knowledge Could Be Gained Over The Particular Colleges.

Admission Tests
One Shouldn’t Be Worried About The Admission Tests At All. To Take Admission In Any Of The Ukrainian Admission, One Doesn’t Need To Clear Any English Test Or Entrance Exam. The Admission Process Is Quite Easier Since Foreign Students Don’t Require Any Sort GMAT/TOEFL/IELTS Scorecard.

Global Ranking
It Is Necessary To Choose A Respectable And Commendable Ranking For Your MBBS In Ukraine. The MBBS In Ukraine Duration Is Close To One Of The Top-Ranking Universities Of The World And One Of The Affordable MBBS In Ukraine Fees Amongst All.

Attaining A Globally Recognized Degree
The MBBS Degree Conferred By Ukrainian Medical Universities Has Been Recognized Globally. World Most Recognized Organization Like The Medical Council Of India (MCI), World Health Organisations (WHO) M FAIMER, AMEE, UNESCO Acknowledges The Caliber Students Deliver.

All The Indian Students Are Eligible For Medical Practicing Licenses Through USMLE (USA), PLAB (UK) & Others Across The World. The MBBS In Ukraine Eligibility Helps Students To Practice Over The World And Excel In Their Career.

Multifaceted Payment Options
Despite Being Such A Prominent Universities Medical Colleges In Ukraine Offer Easy Fees Payment Options. The Fees Are Directly Paid At The University And No Third-Party Involvement. The Tuition Fees, Mess Fees & Hostel Charges Could Be Paid In Multiple Segments.

Pursuing MBBS In Ukraine Comes With Several Avenues To Learn And Explore. Some Of The Popular Advantages Of Taking Up MBBS In Ukraine Are :

(I) Global Recognition – Ukraine Is Globally Recognized By The MCI, WHO, FAIMER, UNESCO, And AMEE, Making It A Top Educational Hub For International Students To Pursue Medicine. It Is Home To World-Class Medical Schools Providing Stellar Education And A Practical Approach Towards Learning.

(Ii) No Hidden / Extra Charges – The Admission Process Followed Is Simple. There Is No Donation, Capitation Fees Or Any Other Additional Charge To Be Paid At The Time Of Enrollment.

(Iv) Educational Structure – The Educational Structure Mainly Follows A Practical Approach To Learning. Researches And Seminars Are Well-Organized And Are A Part Of The Curriculum. Live Training Is Provided To Help Students Understand The Operations In The Industry.

(V) Environment And Infrastructure – The Educational Environment In Ukraine Is Perfect For Every Learner. It Is Safe And Provides State-Of-The-Art Infrastructure To Stimulate The Teaching-Learning Process. Facilities And Amenities Are Provided On-Campus To Suit The Convenience Of Every Student.
(Vii) No Entrance Exam– Students Need Not Attempt Any Entrance Examination, Either For The Medical School Or Pursue IELTS/TOEFL To Secure Admission.

(Vi) Employment Opportunities – Students Who Have Completed Their Medical Courses In Ukraine Are Eligible To Apply For International Licensing Exams Like The MCI Screening Test, USMLE And/Or PLAB In US And UK Respectively. This Increases Employability In Candidates And Can Guarantee Them A Well-Paying Job In Any Part Of The World.

(Vii) Opportunities Outside Ukraine – Ukraine, Being A Part Of The EU Can Help Grant Access To Other Parts Of Europe, Thus Broadening The Number Of Opportunities For Students Post Completion Of The Course.

(Viii) Small Classrooms– Medical Schools In Ukraine Have Smaller Classrooms Thus Facilitating One-To-One Interactions And Better Learning Experiences.

(Ix) Internship Opportunities – Most Candidates Receive Internship Opportunities On-Site And Get A Chance To Intern In The Country, Thus Increasing Their Exposure And Knowledge In The Study.

(X) ECTS – The European Credit Transfer System Is An Excellent Opportunity For Medical Practitioners To Practice Their Profession Anywhere In Europe. Ukraine, Being A Part Of The EU, Allows Students To Be Able To Transfer And Practice Anywhere In Europe.

(Xi) The Bologna Agreement – According To The Bologna Agreement, Students Who Complete Their Graduation In Ukraine Can Go Ahead And Pursue Their Post Graduation In Any European Country.

Duration Of MBBS

1. The Overall Duration To Complete MBBS In Ukraine Is In Close To Five Years & Eight Months.

2. The Admission Procedure, In General, Takes Between September And March Months As For Spring And Fall.

Is MBBS In Ukraine Valid In India?

Every Year, Thousands Of Students Choose Their Medical Career In Ukraine. The MBBS In Ukraine Is Valid Around The Globe. Students Looking Forward To Practice In India Need To Pass A Screening Test Conducted By The Medical Council Of India (MCI). Medical Colleges In Ukraine Are Very Cost-Effective. Clearing This Screening Round Validates Your Clearance To Practice In India As A Doctor.

MBBS At Ukraine – A Better Alternative To Indian Medical Students
For Indian Students With PCB Group Have A Dream To Attain A Prestigious Medical Degree. Although The Humongous Fees Structure And Clearing The NEET Exam Often Hold Students. The Very Idea Of A Medical Degree Is Hauled To Clear Entrance Exams Or Pay Higher Fees. This Issue Can Be Easily Resolved By Medical Colleges In Ukraine.

Students Are Provided Admission Based On Their 12th Marks. All Those Students Need Is To Have Completed Schooling In Full Time.

Graduating With An MBBS In Ukraine Over The Desired Branch, One Is Free To Apply Over Multiple Hospitals As A Doctor Or Even Start Their Clinic.

The Overall Tenure To Complete Your MBBS In Ukraine Is Close To 6 Yrs., Without Worrying About Entrance Exams

The Extensively Fabulous Climate Adds To The Learning Curve Of Students. The MBBS In Ukraine Duration Is Very Minuscule, This Makes It The Topmost Priority Of Students Around The World. The Worldwide Recognized Courses And Lower Cost Of Living Add Value To Students’ Life. The Seamless MBBS In Ukraine Eligibility Is Also Helpful For Students, Who Wish To Secure Their Future.

Life Of Indian Students Studying MBBS In Ukraine

The Life Of MBBS Students In Ukraine Is Healthy. The Medical Colleges In Ukraine Give Students Outstanding Facilities. Students Will Take Advantage Of Several Incentives To Engage In Foreign Exchange Programs, Seminars, And Other Scientific Ventures In Different International Universities, Which Opens Up Further Possibilities For Them To Explore Their Interests In The Field Of Medicines When Studying MBBS In Ukraine. Ukraine Offers Creative And Insightful Cultural Access To Students Across The Globe. The Tuition Structure Of Educational Institutions In Ukraine Is Very Competitive For Indian Graduates. The Standard Of Education In Ukraine Is Highly Respected. The Creative And Realistic Training Received By Ukraine’s Educational Institutions Is Recognized Globally. Ukraine’s Top Government Colleges Have Extensive Resources And New Laboratories. The Course Is Conducted In The Language Of English. Ukraine Is One Of The Safest And Most Friendly Countries To Live In. The Foreign Student Card Is Released Shortly After Students Are Admitted To A University. Students Of The Foreign Student Passport Are Given A Discount Of 30% Of The Regular Price Of Air Fares. Students Receive A 40% Discount On The Regular Price Of Fares In Trains, Busses, Etc.

Plenty Of Well-Furnished University Hostels And Most Cafeterias Offer Indian Fare. European History And Western Standard Of Education May Be Learned From Educational Establishments In Ukraine. The Country Has A Moderate Climate All Year Round And Cheap Housing. Campuses Provide All The Amenities For A Fun And Safe Stay, Such As Libraries, Clinics, Gyms, Concert Halls And Other Events, Testing Labs And Other Educational Facilities, Surveillance, Etc. Universities Supply Students With Books And Literacy Materials. Nearly Every Single Institution Has Athletic Teams Playing With Students From Other Colleges In Various Disciplines.

International Students In Ukraine Are Going To Have Enjoyable And Socializing Activities. The Major Cities Include Many Clubs, Hotels, Cafes, Shopping Malls, Etc. When Students Want To Combine Study With An Understanding Of The Culture And Traditions Of The City, They May Apply To A University In Kyiv Or Lviv, Since These Cities Are Among The Oldest In The Country. While Kyiv Is At The Forefront Of Commercial, Political, And Cultural Change, Lviv Is Influenced By Western European Culture And Lifestyle. The Majority Of Students Are Also Engaged In KVN Games (A Comedic Competition Between Faculties And Universities). College Life In Ukraine Is Substantially Cheaper Than Life In Other European Countries.

Coronavirus And The Effects On The Application Process

If You’ve Wanted To Research This Year, That Indicates You’ve Already Begun The Application Process. And, Yeah, This Pandemic Is Happening At The Worst Possible Moment. But The Educational Year Starting In 2020 Could Not Have Yet Been Wasted. Much Of The University Classes Around The World Typically Commence In September-October. Although It Is Impossible To Predict For Sure When The Propagation Of The Virus Would Plateau Or Begin To Decline, Certain Predictions Suggest The Time Between May And July, At Least In The United Kingdom. It’s Up To Us To Do This If We Stay At Home And Do Our Best To Stop The Virus From Spreading. Before All This Is Done, It’s Nice To Learn That Several Colleges Are Still Also Approving Electronic Student Applications At This Period. Whether This Scenario Lasts Through July (Which Is Possible), Universities Must Respond To These Changing Situations. The Colleges’ Areas Impacted By The Scenario As The Candidates Are, So They Must Modify The Preparation So Enrolment Time Frames To Accommodate The Adjustment To The Academic Year Timetable. Since There are already Already Several Various pieces of Knowledge Circulated In The Newspapers, Make Sure You Keep Aware Regarding The Dissemination Of COVID-19 From Authoritative Outlets Such As The World Health Organization (WHO). So, If You Can, Keep Going Through The Recruitment Process. It Is Always A Smart Idea To Approach Universities For More Details. Many Colleges Have Online Application Systems, Meaning You Won’t Have To Head To The Institution To Apply.

Globally, Several Teachers And Students Have Been Enthusiastic About Switching To The Online Communication Style. The Faculty Has Also Started Writing Lesson Plans To Offer Electronic Instruction To Their Pupils. Online Education Is Not A New Method Of Operation For Any College. Many Staff Members Are Trained To Use Online Learning Platforms Either As The Only Mode Of Delivery Or As An Add-On To Face-To-Face Teaching. There Is Always A Possibility, However, That Certain Faculty Who Are Not Tech-Savvy May Not Be Capable Of Dealing With This Method. Several Colleges Have Already Canceled The Final Semester Exams, Although The On-Line Courses Will Continue To Be Assessed Regularly.

There Are Also Overseas Students Studying At Colleges Who Are Unwilling To Return To Their Homes In This Crucial Circumstance. Although Universities Are Closing Campuses, It Is Necessary To Note That Many Students Do Not Have Any Other Basic Amenities Outside These Campuses. Extension Of Stay Due To Delays In Exams Can Trigger A Monetary Issue. Those Who Handle To Get Home Are Worried That Their Studies Will Be Disrupted. Many Students May Not Have The Appropriate System At Home, Such As Books, Laptops, And High-Speed Internet Connectivity. Again, The Disturbance Caused By COVID-19 May Affect The Acceptance Of Foreign Students To The Upcoming Academic Session.

The Validity Of MBBS Degree From Ukraine In India

Each Year, Thousands Of Students From India Migrate To Ukraine To Pursue Their Medical Courses In The Country. The Course Pursued In Ukraine Is Termed Under ‘MD Physician’, And Is Equivalent To An MBBS In India. Look Out For Universities That Are Authorized By MCI As These Are The Ones That Can Help You Out With Future Employment Opportunities Both In India And Abroad. Taking Up A Medical Course In Ukraine Can Help You Acquire Hands-On Experience In The Field And Take Up Internships On An International Level. This Makes It A Good Career Choice For Indian Students To Go Abroad And Then Return For Employment Opportunities. Students Wishing To Pursue Their Professional Careers In India, After Completing The Course In Ukraine Would Have To Appear For An MCI Screening Test To Receive Their License In Practice.

Accommodation For Indian Students Taking Up MBBS In Ukraine

There Are Different Types Of Accommodation Available For Students Wishing To Study In Ukraine. We Find Hostels To Be The Most Preferred And Popular Option Amongst International Students. Under The Government Law Of Ukraine, Medical Schools Can Have Medical Hostels Inside The Campus Itself. Students Can Choose Between The Campus Hostel Or Other Private Hostels In The Vicinity.

Accommodation Is Comfortable In Ukraine And Comes With All Sets Of Amenities To Suit The Student’s Convenience.

Hostels Are Well-Equipped With Facilities Like Bed And Bedding, Study Tables, Heater, Chairs, Cupboards, Clean And Hygienic Washrooms Etc.

Most Hostels Come With A Kitchenette On Each Floor With Water, Gas And Electricity So Students Can Cook As Per Their Wish.

There Are Separate Hostels For Men And Women With In And Out Timings. These Timings Need To Be Adhered To In Order To Avoid Fines.

Food Canteens Are Available In All Hostels And Are Usually All-Around Functional.

Hostel Fee Starts From Around $500 And Goes Up To $1500 Per Year, Suiting All Kinds Of Budgets.

Students Can Also Choose Between Single, Double, Triple, Or Four-Sharing As Per Their Preference. Hostels In Ukraine Are Under CCTV Surveillance And Have Wardens To Ensure The Safety And Security Of Students All-Round.

Intake For Indian Students For MBBS In Ukraine

For Indian Students, There Are Two Intakes For MBBS In Ukraine In All The Ukrainian Universities. Many Indian Students Migrate To Ukraine To Pursue Their Careers In Medicine. The Intake Of Indian Students In Universities Is Not Very High, Each University Takes Between 125-150 Students Each Year. This Is To Maintain The Teacher-Student Ratio, Which Is Said To Be At 1:15. The Intake Of Students Is Pretty Rigorous And Only The Best Of The Best Applications Are Granted Admission. It Is Imperative To Have An Attractive College Application With Good Scores And Achievements To Make It Into Medical Universities In Ukraine. Let Us Look At The Intake Procedure For Indian Students In Ukraine.

  • There Are Two Seasons For Intakes.
  • The First Intake Takes Place In September-October For All Universities.
  • The Second Intake Happens In March. This Is For About 3-4 Specified Universities. Only Those Universities Which Have Remaining Seats From The First Intake Can Open For The Second Intake In March.
  • Admission Letters For The First Intake (Sep-Oct) Will Be Issued In The Months Of June And July Of That Year.
  • Admission To Top Universities In Ukraine Generally Ends By August, So It Is A Good Idea To Complete Your Application Early.
  • Seats In Ukraine Are Allotted On A First-Come, First-Serve Basis. The Relevance Of The Candidature Also Plays A Major Role In The Admission Process.
  • The Last Dates For Intakes Are Usually The End Of October And Feb For Both The Seasons.
  • Arrive In Ukraine At Least 5-7 Days Before Admission To Complete All Necessary Formalities Before The Joining Date.

National Exit Test (NEXT) Coaching In Ukraine

Also Known As The National Exit Examination, NEXT Looks To Be An All India Level Based Exam Designed To Judge Both Theoretical Knowledge And Practical Understanding Developed By MBBS Enrolled Medical Students. The Examination Will Be Implemented By 2022, According To The Health Ministry Of India. NEXT Will Play A Major Role In Assessing The Proficiency Of Medical Students Upon The Completion Of MBBS And Their Eligibility To Undertake An MD/MS. It Will Is Considered A Mandatory Check Towards The Eligibility Of The Candidate To Take Up Courses Both In India And Abroad. It Is Said To Replace Both NEET And FMGE, 2 Common Medical Examinations Given For Medical Certifications. The Importance Of NEXT Cannot Be Understated, And It Is Best For Students To Consider Learning From An Online Institute To Be Well-Prepared For The Examination. Securing An Admission Into A Medical School In Ukraine Will Be Reliant On The Scores Obtained In The NEXT Examination In The Future.

Education Pattern And Language Issue For MBBS In Ukraine

The Syllabus Of The Medical Course Taken Up In Ukraine Is Divided Into 3 Major Parts:

  • Pre-Clinical
  • Para-Clinical
  • Clinical

Language Can Be Perceived As Either A Problem Or An Opportunity In Ukraine. All Students Are Mandated To Learn The Official Language Of Ukraine As A Part Of The Syllabus. There Is Enough Guidance And Support Provided To Learn The Language So Most Students Get A Good Grasp On It Soon. Good Command Over The Local Language Can Get You Ahead Of The Curve As You Will Be Able To Mix With The Locals And Help Understand Patients More Effectively. However, For Those Who Struggle With Learning The Language, It Can Prove To Be Rather Difficult To Go Ahead With The Course. Being A Foreign Country, It Is Extremely Important To Be Able To Mix Well And Understand The Locals, Especially If The Service Being Provided Is Healthcare. Students Need To Put In Additional Effort And Gain Proficiency In The Language To Be Able To Sustain In Ukraine.

In Ukraine, The Teaching Medium In Medical Universities Is An English Medium, Some Of The Medical Universities Also Teach-In Ukrainian Or Russian Mediums. Foreign Students Like Students From India Who Go To Ukraine For Doing MBBS Choose The English Medium For Their Convenience.

Why Reserve Seats For MBBS In Ukraine (No Need To Pay Any Amount Just Book The Seat

Reserving Your Seat In An MCI-Approved Medical University In Ukraine is A Good Idea To Have A Clear-Cut Career Strategy. Many Times, It Is Observed That While Waiting For NEET Results, Students May Forget The Passing Deadline To Apply For A Medical Course In Ukraine, Thus Losing Out On The Opportunity. Even If The Candidate Is Still Unsure About Where They Would Want To Pursue Their Career, It Is A Good Option To Reserve Your Seat In Prior, To Be Able To Plan For The Future. Another Reason Why It Is A Good Idea Is Because Of The Number Of Applications That Come In Yearly. Medical Universities In Ukraine Have A Strict Intake Of Students, So Reserving Your Seat Can Help In Securing Admission Easily Without Worrying About The Number Of Seats Still Available As On A Later Date. Top Medical Universities In Ukraine Generally Close Admissions By August, Therefore It Is Always Better To Reserve Your Seat So As To Not Miss Out On The Same. Enrollment Too Happens On A First-Come, First-Serve Basis. We Suggest Reserving Your Slot Much In Prior So You Can Wait For Both The Intakes, In March As Well As September.

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