Is Tbilisi State Medical University good for Indians?

Tbilisi State Medical University (TSMU) can be a good option for Indian students considering studying MBBS abroad, but it depends on your individual priorities and circumstances. Here’s a breakdown of the pros and cons to help you decide:

  • Internationally recognized degree: TSMU’s degree is recognized by the Medical Council of India (MCI), allowing you to practice medicine in India after clearing the Foreign Medical Graduate Examination (FMGE).
  • Affordable tuition fees: Compared to other countries like the US or UK, the tuition fees at TSMU are quite reasonable, at around USD 6500 per year.
  • English medium of instruction: All courses at TSMU are taught in English, eliminating the need to learn a new language.
  • Lower student-to-faculty ratio: TSMU has a smaller student-to-faculty ratio compared to many other medical schools, which means you’ll get more personalized attention from your professors.
  • Safe and vibrant city: Tbilisi is a beautiful and safe city with a rich culture and history. There’s a large Indian community in Tbilisi, so you’ll feel right at home.
  • Clinical exposure: TSMU has affiliated hospitals where you can gain practical experience during your studies.
  • Competitive admission process: Getting admission to TSMU can be competitive, especially for Indian students. You’ll need to have a good score in NEET and meet the university’s other eligibility criteria.
  • Living expenses: While tuition fees are low, living expenses in Tbilisi can be higher than in some parts of India.
Here are some additional things to consider:
  • Do your research: Before making a decision, research TSMU and other medical schools abroad to compare their programs, fees, and admission requirements.
  • Talk to current students: If possible, talk to current Indian students at TSMU to get their firsthand experience of studying there.
  • Consider your financial situation: Make sure you can afford the tuition fees and living expenses before applying.

Ultimately, the decision of whether or not to study at TSMU is up to you. Weigh the pros and cons carefully and make sure it’s the right decision for you.

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