I joined an MBBS abroad in 2019, but I qualified for the NEET in 2022. Can I be approved to appear for the FMGE exam

I joined an MBBS abroad in 2019, but I qualified for the NEET in 2022. Can I be approved to appear for the FMGE exam?

According to me you are not eligible for FMGE exam as you joined MBBS abroad without NEET. Unfortunately, your situation regarding FMGE eligibility is complex and requires careful consideration of several factors:

Current Scenario:

  • You joined MBBS abroad in 2019, indicating you pursued your medical degree outside India.
  • You qualified for NEET in 2022, suggesting you obtained a valid NEET score within the required timeframe.

FMGE Eligibility Changes:

  • In May 2023, the National Medical Commission (NMC) replaced the FMGE with the National Exit Test (NExT).
  • NExT is a single licensure and entrance examination for both Indian and foreign medical graduates seeking registration in India.
  • The transition period for NExT implementation is still ongoing, with specific details being finalized.


  • NExT applicability to existing FMGE-eligible candidates: It’s unclear whether candidates who were FMGE-eligible before NExT implementation (like yourself) will need to take NExT or if there will be any exemptions or transitional provisions.
  • Validity of NEET score: The validity of your 2022 NEET score for NExT eligibility is still being determined.


  • Contact the National Board of Examinations (NBE): As the NBE conducts NExT, they are the primary source of information regarding eligibility and transition procedures. Contact them directly through their official website or helpline for the latest updates.
  • Consult with NMC officials: The NMC is responsible for setting medical education and licensure standards. Consider contacting them for clarification on NExT implementation and its impact on your situation.

Remember, the situation is evolving, and official guidelines are still being developed. Staying informed through official channels and seeking expert advice will help you navigate the changes and make informed decisions about your future career path.

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