How will the NEXT exam be conducted for MBBS students?

There seems to be some confusion regarding the NEXT exam schedule for MBBS students. While the initial plan was to implement it in December 2023, there have been recent updates that alter the timeline:

Important Update: The National Medical Commission (NMC) recently announced that the first edition of the NEXT exam will be held in 2028 for the MBBS batch starting from 2024. This means the information available online about the exam format and dates for 2024 might not be accurate.

However, here’s a summary of what was previously announced about the NEXT exam format, keeping in mind it might not be applicable immediately:

The NEXT exam would have been conducted in two parts:

NEXT Step 1:

  • Mode: Computer-based online exam
  • Content: Theory-based, covering 19 subjects from the third and final year MBBS curriculum. This could include subjects like Anatomy, Physiology, Biochemistry, Pharmacology, Pathology, Community Medicine, and Surgery.
  • Question Format: Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs), likely around 540 in total. The exact number and distribution across subjects might be subject to change.
  • Eligibility: Third-year/final-year MBBS students can appear for this exam.
    Purpose: Passing NEXT Step 1 will be a mandatory requirement for starting an internship.

NEXT Step 2:

  • Mode: Offline practical exam
  • Content: Assessment of clinical skills and practical knowledge through stations covering various clinical scenarios and procedures.
  • Eligibility: Only candidates who have cleared NEXT Step 1 and completed their internship are eligible for this step.
  • Conduction: Individual medical colleges/universities will be responsible for conducting the practical exam.
  • Purpose: Passing NEXT Step 2 will be essential for obtaining a medical license to practice medicine in India and for pursuing Postgraduate (PG) medical courses like MD/MS.
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