How do NEET toppers study?

NEET is one of the most prestigious national-level entrance examinations, and students are working hard to pass it to gain admission to medical school. Every year, lakhs of students take this exam; some gain admission, while others return to studying tirelessly for the next year’s exam. Candidates frequently overlook the most basic requirements for preparing for and passing the much-anticipated NEET exam. Our goal with this blog is to compile and present to you some of the most effective tips and strategies that NEET toppers have used to achieve success in NEET over the years.

Most important tips for NEET toppers

Maintain consistency while practicing

It is required to acquire new knowledge daily and to answer questions based on it. Learning and memorizing facts will not tell you how well you have prepared. The only way to determine whether you understand a concept or chapter is to answer questions (easy, medium, and difficult) daily.

Cover the syllabus thoroughly

Focus on the questions asked in the NEET exam, study the topics that will frequently appear in it, solve the questions that correlate to its level, and polish up your skills to prepare accordingly.

Select the best books and study materials

One of the most important steps in starting NEET preparations is selecting the best books and study materials for NEET. The NEET has a large syllabus, a short preparation period, and is extremely competitive. Aspirants cannot afford to waste time selecting books or referring to multiple books at the same time to cover a single subject. NEET Aspirants should prioritize finding a book that covers their curriculum while not taking up too much of their valuable time.

Choose smart work over hard work

You should understand how much time you should spend on each concept. Avoid referring to multiple sources for topics and cramming in too many points. The concepts stay the same, but the questions change all the time. Almost all students have studied the same topics, but what distinguishes a topper is the ability to apply that knowledge, which can only be learned through perseverance.

Relaxation is also Important

While studying is an important part of daily life, a healthy balance of relaxation and rejuvenation is also essential. Going for a run or jog, doing some light exercises, or meditating can help you prepare your mind for study. Taking a long time to prepare for a large target is only effective if you give it your all!


Before the test, make sure you practice as many questions as possible. The only way to get a good understanding of how the questions in the exams are asked and how to manage your time during the exam is to practice. NEET toppers strongly advise solving the previous year’s papers before taking the exam. You can do it if you believe in yourself. Maintain good health and get enough sleep, and you will be fine. Hopefully, the information provided above has assisted you in preparing for NEET in the most efficient manner possible. If you want to be successful, it is always better to learn from the experts rather than start from scratch. You may find that something that worked for them also works for you.

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